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Cultivating Value…Seedling to Harvest

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Valuation & Litigation Briefing

  • November/December 2009 Litigation Briefing (PDF)
    • Plug the Drain-How to Detect Financial Statement Fraud
    • Following the Money Trail in Divorce Cases
    • IP Valuation Using the Relief from Royalty Method
    • Punitive Damages - The Financial Expert's Role
  • September/October 2009 Litigation Briefing (PDF)
    • Don't Play Games with Goodwill
    • Vying for the rights to flat-screen TV technology - No damages for breach of patent license
    • Fairness opinions can help provide needed assurance
    • Avoiding settlement mistakes
  • July/August 2009 Litigation Briefing (PDF)
    • Damage control - Surviving a business interruption
    • Nonqualified deferred compensation - Independent appraisals offer protection against 409A challenge
    • In valuation, timing is everything
    • Estate wins the discount war
  • May/June 2009 Litigation Briefing (PDF)
    • "Fair value" in a troubled economy
    • Forensic experts aid e-discovery
    • It's not that easy: Determining how costs affect lost profits
    • Estate planning: Are valuation discounts in danger?
    • Valuation critical under new M&A rules
  • March/April 2009 Litigation Briefing (PDF)
    • Measuring the intangible: Valuation issues in health care transactions
    • Are valuations recyclable?
    • Constructing a claim for lost productivity damages
    • Valuations should assume reasonably prudent management
  • January/February 2009 Litigation Briefing (PDF)
    • Before and after: Court paints picture of lost profits and other calculations
    • What are the options when valuing share-based compensation?
    • Occupational hazards: An internal fraud update
    • No time like the present: Discounting future damages


Cultivating Value

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