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Vineyard Group, LLC.

Cultivating Value…Seedling to Harvest

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About Us

Client Testimonials

"The quality of the Vineyard Group's work and professionalism is superb. The results that we have received from our relationship with the Vineyard Group are nothing short of spectacular. The entire experience has been terrific. I can feel the professionalism from the moment the receptionist picks up the phone. The Vineyard Group is the model of how an organization should run. The staff is very interested in the quality and the continuous improvement of their services.

They are just the right size to be very responsive to our needs and not get lost by having tiers of employees dealing with our account. They have tremendous experience and knowledge. Tom is a confident professional. He is very understanding, resourceful, aggressive, and responsive beyond belief. The Vineyard Group goes the extra mile for us and has had a positive impact on our bottom line which may be the best piece of all. We are important to them as clients; they pay a lot of attention to us. Simply stated, the Vineyard Group takes great care of our needs. With larger companies, you're just another client, that's not how it is with the Vineyard Group."

Steve Ulmer
Davis Ulmer Sprinkler Co., Inc.

"It has been a pleasure working with the Vineyard Group, LLC. Since our endeavors started a short time ago, only time will tell how valuable the results will be, but I believe they will help us to move forward in becoming more efficient and better organized. The Vineyard Group has made me feel confident about my operations and reassured me that everything was happening as it should. I do not feel that we have been excessively charged like with some firms…in fact, I believe the value received has been well worth it!"

CEO of a New York Manufacturing Company

"We were delighted by the constructive, courteous and rational approach to a difficult set of problems. What we needed was a sensible external observer to bring rationality to a situation that had been brewing so long. That is exactly what we got from the Vineyard Group."

Mark Arnold
Managing Partner
Albion Investors

"Everyone was great! Very professional, knowledgeable and pleasant. I was quite impressed- even though I was not at my best- I was treated with respect and politeness. I would recommend the Vineyard Group highly to anyone."

Small Business Owner

"I was impressed by Tom's quick grasp of the facts and legal issues as well as the financial and tax issues underlying the challenges facing the corporation and shareholders. I appreciate Tom's thoughtful analysis and his patience in explaining the considerations given for the alternative solutions and the resulting consequences. Tom was able to evaluate the situation objectively, mindful of setting a strategy which would serve the best interests of the corporation and all involved. Tom was thoughtful and compassionate, sensitive to the emotional dynamics which can effect decision making in a family owned business dealing with the death of a corporate executive and related challenges during a time of business downturn. He was able to articulate the issues and communicate effectively to shareholders, accountants and attorneys and we value his knowledge, insight and guidance."

Middle Market Manufacturing Company Executive

"I was extremely pleased with the service provided. Tom's knowledge of the local business community and broad professional experience was invaluable."

Chief Financial Officer- Canadian Public Company

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